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What We Offer

We connect families in need of child care to retirees
who are willing to provide it through an intergenerational model that is flexible and affordable.


Care Share provides a stable and reliable environment for children, which has been shown to be crucial to their proper development. Additionally, children gain an important social relationship when they are matched with retirees. Through this relationship, retirees contribute to their social skills, school-preparedness, and even their success as an adult.



Other intergenerational care programs have observed improved feelings of social connectivity, in addition to increased mental and physical health in elders (Jayson). Concrete health benefits include improved physical fitness, fine motor skills, and memory. We believe that Care Share will allow for retirees to regain a sense of purpose in their lives as well as help them feel more connected in the community.


Care Share’s goal is to reduce the burden of child care for parents by making care more accessible. This is beneficial for all parents, but particularly low-income and single-parent homes where parents are easily overwhelmed by finances and the logistics of managing a household and a job with fewer resources than other families. By utilizing the more flexible schedules of retirees and by decreasing the cost of child care, Care Share can help free up time and money for these parents. Increased time away from child care duties can allow parents to focus on jobs or education, access social services, or even pursue treatment for any mental or physical conditions they may have.


Our Story

We are a group of interdisciplinary students from the University of Minnesota who have a passion for improving the quality of life for all Minnesotans.

We were initially interested in affordable housing, but after conducting our initial research, we discovered that one solution for the affordable housing problem lies within addressing another underlying cause of poverty.

After considering the social determinants of poverty and the main costs of living, we found a problem common to not only low-income families, but all families: child care.


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