Meet Our Team

Emma Fiala

University of Minnesota

Economics B.S. |  Physiology B.A.

I have always been interested in global issues, but after working at Hennepin County Medical Center and the Community University Health Care Center, I realized that there are many pressing issues that families right here in MN face. After thinking about solutions for homelessness, my group and I decided to focus on a significant barrier that many families of varying income levels face: childcare. I am very excited to pilot our intergenerational program and believe that if it is successful, it can improve much more than childcare.

When I’m not working on CareShare, I am working as a High School Coach with AmeriCorp’s College Possible and applying to medical school. My future goals include working at the intersection of medicine, public health and education.

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About Us

Your trusted Child Care Program

We are an interdisciplinary group of students from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities who began CareShare as a class project. We received funding from a university-wide competition to make our work a reality, and we look forward to beginning our pilot program here in Grand Meadow.

We connect families in need of child care to older adults who are willing to provide it through an intergenerational model that is flexible and affordable.