Research suggests that in intergenerational care programs:

“Older participants experience better physical and mental health, less isolation and loneliness and participate in more activities.”

“Children and youth experience enhanced learning, social development and perceptions of older adults.”

Generations United; Ohio State University


How it Works

* As this is a pilot program, business model details are subject to change

Preparing Jams


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Boys Kayaking

Screening & Matching

  • Caregivers welcomed after background check, home inspection, interview, and safety training

  • Participants fill out a survey to establish compatibility


Caregivers and families collaborate to set hours and location

Sleeping Like a Baby


  • Income-based: Families are asked to pay approximately 15% of their income

  • We redistribute pay evenly among caregivers to ensure equal compensation independent of family income

Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace

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